Dr. Theodore Schock, D.O.

Dr. Schock is committed to listening to his patients and giving them compassionate, quality medical care in the Rockford, IL area, and has been since 1998. Direct primary care allows doctors to put the care back into healthcare. Dr. Schock hopes that the movement will continue to grow and more options for seeing specialists, having procedures and testing will be available in the future with price transparency. It is only fair. Price transparency does not seem to be the case with hospital owned systems yet. Dr Schock is here for the underdogs, under insured, self insured, health share ministries, and anyone who wants a relationship with their doctor and office staff. Dr. Schock strives for the impossible but noble goal of treating everyone as Jesus would treat them. Join the revolution in healthcare!

Dr. Schock graduated from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. That's why that D.O. is behind his name. It means he is qualified to do things like musculoskeletal manipulations and adjustments in additional to all the normal family doctor things.

His first seven years as a doctor, Dr. Schock worked at a hospital owned clinic. He then decided to pursue independent family practice in order to have the freedom to spend more time with each patient. In 2008, Dr. Schock opened Mulford Medical here in Rockford. In 2019, the decision was made to move to a Direct Primary Care model. This model allows him to practice without the bureaucracy of big insurance companies making the rules about patient care, and Dr. Schock now has the ability to truly customize patient care.