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What exactly is Direct Primary Care?
It's a membership to personal care. Dr. Schock works directly for his patients, not the patient's insurance company or Medicare.
  • Our practice is limited in size to be able to provide great care and value, not volume of patients.
  • There are no extra charges or copay's for office visits. That is included in the membership fee.
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Why change to Direct Primary Care?   
Dr. Schock is enthused to be part of healthcare reform. He believes in price transparency regarding imaging, lab cost, medications and office visits; In contrast to insurance companies creating barriers to patient care. It is a great fit to a less expensive high deductible insurance plan or health share plan.

What does my monthly fee cover?
We are able to offer personalized primary care. Office visits, phone consultations, as well as emails on a less urgent basis are all covered in the membership fee. Too often patients can't get off work, don't have a ride, or have other obstacles that hinder a patient from be treated when they first have problems. Then they end up waiting too long to see a doctor and paying for an urgent care or ER.

Additional tests such as labs, EKG, and X-rays will be offered at our cost. Prices up front. No surprises.

You don't think you can afford it? 
It is about the same cost as a cell phone bill or gym membership. Often times the savings we can provide pays for the membership in itself.