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What exactly is Direct Primary Care?
It's a membership to personal care. Dr. Schock works directly for his patients, not the patient's insurance company or Medicare.
  • Our practice is limited in size to be able to provide great care and value, not volume of patients.
  • There are no extra charges or copay's for office visits. That is included in the membership fee.
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Why change to Direct Primary Care?   
Dr. Schock is enthused to be part of healthcare reform. He believes in price transparency regarding imaging, lab cost, medications and office visits; In contrast to insurance companies creating barriers to patient care. It is a great fit to a less expensive high deductible insurance plan or health share plan.

What does my monthly fee cover?
We are able to offer personalized primary care. Office visits, phone consultations, as well as emails on a less urgent basis are all covered in the membership fee. Too often patients can't get off work, don't have a ride, or have other obstacles that hinder a patient from be treated when they first have problems. Then they end up waiting too long to see a doctor and paying for an urgent care or ER.

Additional tests such as labs, EKG, and X-rays will be offered at our cost. Prices up front. No surprises.

You don't think you can afford it? 
It is about the same cost as a cell phone bill or gym membership. Often times the savings we can provide pays for the membership in itself.

Dr. Theodore Schock, D.O.


Dr. Schock is committed to listening to his patients and giving them compassionate, quality medical care in the Rockford, IL area, and has been since 1998. Direct primary care allows doctors to put the care back into healthcare. Dr. Schock hopes that the movement will continue to grow and more options for seeing specialists, having procedures and testing will be available in the future with price transparency. It is only fair. Price transparency does not seem to be the case with hospital owned systems yet. Dr Schock is here for the underdogs, under insured, self insured, health share ministries, and anyone who wants a relationship with their doctor and office staff. Dr. Schock strives for the impossible but noble goal of treating everyone as Jesus would treat them. Join the revolution in healthcare!

Heidi Schock

Support Manager

Health care is something she's loved all her life. Coming along side Dr. Schock in starting Mulford Medical, she has helped administer all areas of the office. Her hobbies include gardening, being a grandma and eating clean. The gift of work and learning along side of Dr. Schock is an honor and brings her great fulfillment.

Jan Wettstein


We are thankful Jan is part of our team. Treating patients with the Direct Primary Care model has been a dream of hers for many years. She has worked with us from the beginning of Mulford Medical, over 14 years. She has a real passion to truly care about the person inside and out.

Tania Solis-Snider


In May of 2023 we added Tania to our DPC team. She has nursing experience in rehab, plastic surgery, and general medicine. She recently moved to the Rockford area from the South. Tania became a nurse because she really likes taking care of people.

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  • Including active college students (at least one parent membership)

Adults 20-44 years old


Adults 45-64 years old


Adults 65+ years old


Can I bill my insurance company?

In order to provide affordable, personalized care we do not use billing codes required by insurance companies and Medicare. Our focus is on the patient care and minimizing expenses.  However you may still use your insurance for labs, imaging, specialists, prescriptions and so on, if that is to your advantage. Often the discounted pricing we can offer is less expensive than using insurance and dealing with denials and copays. 

What if I already have Insurance or Medicare?

That is great! It is needed for hospitalizations and unexpected health emergencies or procedures. Direct Primary Care is not insurance. We feel the best fit is a DPC membership with Medicare or a low cost high deductible insurance plan with a HSA. Share ministries are also an option to cover unexpected, expensive events.  Medicare age humans especially benefit from direct primary care practices and the personalized care they provide. 

Is this concierge medicine?

No, yes, no....I suppose it is technically. But the yearly fees for concierge medicine are often several thousand dollars a year and they still bill your insurance.  You could say this is affordable concierge medicine. 

When did this practice model start?

January 1st, 2020 we changed from a typical insurance based Primary Care office to a Direct Primary Care office.

What if DPC is not for me?

Patients may discontinue their membership at any time with a 30 days notice.  We want to earn your business, not take it for granted. 

Can you help me with my medications?

Dr. Schock will continue to prescribe medications to any pharmacy of your choice. We also are able to provide many good generic medications in our office at our cost. Many pay for the cost of the membership in the savings we can provide. It is also convenient if you do not have to go to the pharmacy after the visit. Sometime medicine is less expensive using Goodrx or insurance though. 

What if I have an urgent question after hours?

Members are able to text Dr. Schock. You may also call  815-229-9900 and the answering service will forward a message to Dr. Schock. You will get the doctor on call....DR. SCHOCK, who knows you!
A few times a year Dr. Schock may not be available, but with modern technology, urgent needs can still be addressed even when Dr. Schock is out of town by the doctor who knows you. 

What are some of the services Mulford Medical does NOT offer?

At this time, Mulford Medical does not offer the following services: Obstetrics and prenatal care, Functional Medicine, Chronic Pain Management and Chronic Benzodiazepine Management.
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